11 x 26´ (Worldwide) (All Rights available)

PICA PICA is a goup of music and Children's theatre that has reached great popularity among children for their fun shows and the interpretation of Songs of a lifetime. Humor and games that foster the creativity and social skills of the small people. Nacho B Emi Bonbon and Golden Hair Bethlehem, recognized for being ex-components of Cantajuego, are now the neighbors of a very particular patio where anything can happen. His adventures always end with a smile from ear to ear and a song between the lips to keep dancing with all friends and family.


52 x 11´ (In Development)


Lúa & Marcos are two friends who spend the summer with their grandmothers. Gloria, the grandmother of Lua, has a mysterious trunk in her attic. The children discover that they can travel to the past and meet the young Gloria, running a thousand adventures.
Lua & Marcos will discover many games for children they played when Gloria was young and this will guide them through their adventure., explaining to them what a peg-top or how to play rope.

Love & Child is a children's license that was born in 2013 with the mission of recover that part of our childhood that made us so happy,fostering the imagination and creativity of today's children, in addition to teach them values that sometimes seem forgotten.

Lua & Marcos is a success of merchandising sales in Spain, being on the shelves of FNAC. EL CORTE INGLES, VIPS, etc.


52 x 11´ (only Spain) ( All rights available) 

Emmy is our brave little hero. She is a real 5-year-old girl and the only human Little girl in the whole forest, which makes her extra special! Emmy loves exploring the fantastical world she lives in. GooRoo, a big, furry and huggable creature, takes
care of her when they go out to play, while mom and dad search for the rarest of unique and magical plants hidden within the wonderful surroundings. They all live together in a cute little house at the edge of the forest. The world is full of fabulous
creatures, such as animals and plants that can talk, dance... and even cook! Every day brings a brand new adventure and exciting challenges for Emmy and GooRoo to
seek out and overcome in this inviting world.


26x11' (Worldwide rights)

Lara and her friends are on a summer school exchange trip. They are living with host families and studying together at an international language school with other teens from around the World..

Lara is 12 and the protagonist of the series. She is a fun, friendly and considerate girl who enjoys spending time with her friends. Lara hates growing up and finds all the changes confusing. If she could, Lara would become a grown up overnight and not have to go through this awkward time.


52 x 2´ (Worldwide rights)

Luis Miguel Dominguez brings us the best of his images, recorded all over the world with varied thematics. Accompanied by good music.