60 x 45´

The World its in trouble. More and more we see how ignorance and lack of culture flourish everywhere: • Eating  junk food • The systematic disappearance of animals, • We destroy the environment • Fake news that make us perceive the reality wrongly ... etc 
It assumes that Knowledge needs a boost in the world, versus Ignorance. In this world, in which our characters live, many of the evils are caused by the lack of knowledge. • SPECIALS are more necessary than ever: from their music, painting, or science, they are capable of elevating the spirit of other human beings, promoting their desire for knowledge and learning • In summer camps, wise people know each other, which reinforces the arts and together they learn and prepare the offensive to make knowledge grow in the world ...

Maya is a teenager, apparently normal who likes to sing and play the guitar . One day, the appearance of her aunt reopens an old debate in the family: Maya is very intelligent, and at 16 she will be named Second GRAND SAGE, forming part of the exclusive Club of the Specials.
So Maya has to go to the CAMP OF THE SMALL WISE MEN and what she will find there will change her life forever.
THE GREAT WISDOMS have the purpose of guiding human beings in the path of knowledge and also have magical powers.
This is why they are great disseminators of the sciences and the arts.
In each episode, the SPECIALS receive an alert and through their "wisdom and magic" they arrive anywhere in the world. Together they have to guide other children to solve these problems and convince them with their explanations in order to solve them using what makes us special


60 x 45´

CAYO PICO ECO RESORT its a kids live action adventure series that evolves around the summer holidays of a group of teenagers who holiday at an Eco Resort in a natural environment and live out exciting adventures intertwined with friendship, love and music while investigating the mysterious disappearance of the father of one of them, linked to a real state project that is devastating the natural habitat of the island. Together they discover the importance of preserving nature and caring for the endangered environment, while also creating a friendship that will change their lives forever.


26 x 30´

SPACE KIDS its a science and adventure space series that follows the adventures of a group of exceptionally gifted youngsters who get trapped in a rocket destined for the International Space Station which blasts off with them still on board. A technical failure takes it off course and while the experts back on earth try to bring them home, the group of kids learn to adapt to life in space. With the help of the on-board computer which pilots the ship, and another computer that forgets everything it's supposed to do, the kids embark on multiple adventures based around mathematics and science and meet a friendly youtuber alien who has been observing life on Earth for many years, and now its a music star. 


52 x 45´

The 'Suré' family is made up of 6 brothers and sisters, and their parents of course - a zoologist specialized
in snakes and a very caring tropical doctor -, both renowned scientists.
Together they live an unforgettable experience as they move to the middle of the Caribbean jungle to fulfil a mission.
They will all be changed by this adventure, which will make them work as a team and become more united than ever.


26 x 45´

A comedy where the characters are related through social networks.